Steyr AUG A2

Steyr AUG A2
5.56x45mm NATO

Modular bullpup assault rifle first released in 1978 and designed to be the standard Austrian service weapon, also used by Australian Defence Forces, Italian Carabinieri special forces, Pakistan Special Service Group and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The New Zealand Defence Forces used the A1 from 1988 until 2017.

It has a progressive trigger that fires single at half pull and full auto when squeezed further. The standard model has a 30 round translucent, polymer magazine and the light machine gun uses a 42 round magazine.

There are 5 barrel lengths which can easily be swapped that allow it to operate as a light machine gun through the standard, carbine and down to the very short Para. The initial model came with an integrated scope set for 300m but the later A2 models (shown) have a rail for attaching other scopes and ancilliary equipment.

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