AMT Automag III

AMT Automag III
.30 Carbine

One of the range of Automag pistols developed by Harry Sanford which started with the Auto Mag semi-auto chambered in .44 Magnum and progressing from the Automag II - Automag V covering .22 WMR, .45 Winchester Magnum and .50 Action Express calibres.

The Automag III was developed in 1992 to fire the same .30 Carbine round originally designed for the M1 Carbine rifle used in World War II and Vietnam, and still in use today by Military and Police forces in Brazil and Israel.

The Automag III had a troubled production resulting in many units that jammed and was only produced for about 6 years until AMT floundered and finally went out of business. The handgrip is large to accomodate the lengthy cartridge and the pistol is 265mm/10.5 inch in length. However it is the only self loading pistol (non-revolver) to successfully fire the .30 carbine.

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