CZ P-07 Duty


CZ 75 P-07 Duty
9x19mm or 9mm Browning or .40 S&W

In 2001 the very solid and dependable CZ-75 was redesigned to incorporate lightweight polymers to become the CZ75 P-01 and marketed at law enforcement. In 2007 this compact version of the P-01 was designed as the P-07 Duty pistol still with a polymer frame, accessory rail and the choice of manual safety or decocking lever which manages to fit the same number of rounds in each magazine as the full size original CZ75. It has been adopted by many police forces and is considered a cheap, extremely well made weapon with a very low firing failure rate compared to other pistols in the same market, such as the Glock. The sights are a "half window" style.

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