5.56x45mm NATO

This came out of a long project to re-equip the French forces that started in 1967 but the FAMAS did not come into service until 1978. It is a bullpup design that was initially unreliable and had plastic parts that were easily broken. The improved redesign of the F1 designated G2 (shown without the standard bipod fitted) corrected these problems and improved the ergonomics.

It was designed to fire the APAV 40 rifle grenade from the end of the barrel and has a fold up sight (alidade) specifically to incline the FAMAS correctly for firing the grenade out to 75m or 100m.

the FAMAS is in use by France, the French Foreign Legion, the Philippine National Police Special Action Force, Djibouti, Iraq, the Tunisian Presidential Guards, the United Arab Emirates and special forces in Serbia and Indonesia.

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