Barrett M82A1


Barrett M82A1
.50 BMG (12.799mm NATO) or .416 Barrett

First produced in 1986 as an anti-materiel Special Application Scoped Rifle (SASR), it has become known as the "Light Fifty" due to the .50 Browning machine Gun round it is usually chambered for. It has a range of up to 2km and can be used with specialised armor-piercing (eg. tungsten core), explosive or incendiary rounds against targets such as trucks, radar installations, grounded aircraft and human targets shielded by walls or behind light armor.

It is use by more than 40 countries in both military and civilian roles. In the US, the Coastguard use the M107 variant to disable drug boat engines, while some city Police forces use them for stopping vehicles and breaching walls.

Some variants include the CQ version that is 9 inches shorter intended for operation within vehicles and in other close quarter situations where the power is useful without the need for such distance.

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