Druganov SVD


Druganov SVD sniper rifle

The Druganov SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka sistem`y Dragunova) first came into service in 1963 and it still in use throughout the world with very few enhancements. The newer models use polymer stocks.

It was originally intended to be a designated marksman rifle or squad battle rifle rather than specifically just a sniper system, which is why it was designed to be semi-automatic but with a floating barrel for ranges out to 1,300 metres. It can use not only the proprietary steel-jacketed, steel core sniper rounds but also conventional, tracer or armor-piercing incendiary rounds in 7.62x54 rimmed calibre.

The scope has a side mount that enables the shooter to still see the iron sights underneath. The model shown has a NATO rail and third party optic instead of the standard PSO-1 sight.

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