Kalashnikov AK-47, AKM / AK-74


Kalashnikov AK-47, AKM / AK-74
7.62x39mm / 5.4539mm

Introduced in 1947, this model and its variants are the most widely used machinegun in the World. It is known for being rugged and reliable and cheap to manufacture.

Because so many are manufactured illicitly outside the former USSR the number can only be estimated. The World Bank estimates that out of the 500 million total firearms available worldwide, 100 million are of the Kalashnikov family, and 75 million are AK-47s.

The model shown is the 1950s updated AKM which was officially replaced in 1974 by the Ak-74 using the smaller 5.4539mm cartridge. It is still in use in some Russian forces and is the most prolific Russian-made AK rifle.
The cleaning kit is kept inside the stock and the bayonet shown is a basic Chinese model, one of many different types made for the AK series.

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