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Full leather vertical shoulder holster

Made from durable New Zealand hide, stitched and riveted for strength. Adjustable at the front and back by buckles suit most body sizes and shapes. The clasped strap anchors it to your belt quickly and easily

This is an affordable vertical holster suitable for costume and airsoft, much better value than others that cost hundreds of dollars or poorly made, cheap imports.
It is sized to take fairly standard semi-auto pistols, as shown. It's strong enough for full weight replicas.

For costume parties, all you need is black trousers, a white shirt and perhaps a dark tie to become any one of the US Government agents.
Add a fedora-style hat and become an agent bringing down Al Capone & other Chicago gangsters.

NOTE These can be moulded around your specific pistol, if it's one of the 30 I have to model from.

Let me know what pistol you have and I can try and check it fits in the standard holster, or mould it to that shape.

Some examples of ones that do fit into a standard (non-moulded) holster are:

If you have a thicker pistol like a Beretta M9 (M92F), CZ-75 Duty, PX-4 then let me know and I will make a holster to fit.


I can also make moulded holsters for different frame sizes like the Desert Eagle or Walther PPK.
I do not mould for revolvers, sorry.

For an additional cost there is a Double-Rig with the vertical holster on one side, and a double magazine pouch on the other.
Mag pouches fit two slim 9mm/45 ACP type mags, or a smart phone. They can be long or short, horizontal or vertical.
The examples shown are a short horizontal with two M1911 mags, and a long vertical one with a my Android phone (75mm wide).


Great for costume parties if you don't have reliable pockets in your costume.

This holster is for a right-handed draw. I can make left-handed ones on request.

Size: Medium - Large (shirt size M to XL)

I can make smaller and larger ones. If you are unsure if it will fit, send me your measurements.

Any alterations for holster size or moulding to a specific pistol will take a few days.

Cuffs and Collars

Locally Made, Comfortable and Strong

These cuffs are strong.

They are made from a leather strap riveted to the wider band and then stitched to the inner suede layer with industrial polyester thread. That's three layers of leather - they wont fall apart!

The buckle, keeper and D-ring are all riveted (there are 9 rivets on each cuff).

The holes have eyelets to reduce wear on the leather and to allow the cuffs to do up more easily.

The 8 sizes on the wrist cuffs will fit approx. 13cm - 25cm
The 9 sizes on the ankle cuffs will fit approx. 18cm - 33cm

These cuffs are soft and comfortable.

They have a layer of soft suede so they don't chafe skin. The hide is supple and gives, so there is no risk of cutting circulation even when they're worn for a long period of time.


These are a set of brand new leather wrist and ankle cuffs made by Standard Deviation Ltd from quality New Zealand leather



What you get is:

One pair of wrist cuffs
One pair of ankle cuffs
Two double-ended clips

Also Available: Collars Made to Order